Matt Warman, MP for Boston and Skegness, has welcomed the Government’s new national funding formula for schools, after having called for funding to be distributed in a fairer way earlier this year.

Yesterday, the Education Secretary Justine Greening MP, delivered on a pledge to replace the current, outdated formula, with one which sees resources more fairly directed according to need, and in a more transparent way.

Additional investment in schools has allowed the introduction of a new minimum per pupil funding level, seeing all secondary schools attract at least £4,800 per pupil by 2019/20, and all primary schools attract at least £3,500 per pupil.

Funding for schools in the Boston and Skegness constituency will increase by 4 per cent under the new formula, worth £2.3 million. Some schools will get more than others, but no school in the UK will see an increase of less than 0.5 per cent.

Matt said, “I am very pleased that schools across Boston and Skegness will be receiving increased funding under the new national funding formula. This is a much improved deal for our schools, and I am pleased that Ministers acted on the concerns raised by many backbench MPs, including myself, to offer a better settlement. Lincolnshire has historically lost out when it comes to school funding, while facing unique challenges as a rural and coastal area, so I welcome the investment which will give schools the fairer funding they deserve. It is a real victory for Lincolnshire’s children.”


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